This is a photo of NathanHi! I’m Nathan and this is my online presence!

When I’m not frantically trying to complete all the PSETS and other school related work, I can be found playing synth, bass, and recording music in my project studio.

My last year at MIT has been devoted to the Music Technology Lab, where I work on projects like ConcertCue. Working at the crossroads of engineering and the humanities has been a wonderfully enriching experience that I hope to continue throughout my life.

Prior to working at the Music Technology Lab, I spent my summers interning at Guess Inc., where I designed and programmed software in various languages, including C# .NET, Java, PHP, and SQL.

Here’s a list of random facts about me;

  • Instrument of Choice: Prophet 12 Synthesizer
  • Favorite Bass Strings: Flatwounds 
  • Gradient of Choice: That gradient between the horizon and night sky about 20 minutes after the sunset.
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