This page lists all the major creative projects I’ve been involved in.

ConcertCue (Formally NoteStream)

MIT Music Technology Lab

ConcertCue is a web application for delivering synchronized program notes to audience member’s phones during live musical performance. My involvement was as system architect and developer. A link will be posted once the informational site is up.

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Radius Ensemble

12 is an experimental piece composed by Eun Young Lee and performed by the Radius Ensemble.  A specialized web application was written by Eran Egozy for the piece that allowed the audience to play along with performers on stage in real time. My involvement included audio file manipulation, code tweaks, and system setup, maintenance, and operation. A link will be posted once the information site is up.

Real-time Deferred Shader

6.837 Computer Graphics

For my final project in 6.837 Computer Graphics at MIT I implemented a real-time deferred shader using C++ and OpenGL compute shaders. A link to a more in depth article will be posted soon.

Preamplifier / Mixer

6.101 Analog Circuits Lab

For my final project in 6.101 Analog Circuits at MIT, I worked in a group of three students to build a self contained PA (personal audio) system.  My responsibilities included specifying the complete system requirements, and designing and constructing the mixer and preamplifier modules of the system. A link to a more in depth article will be posted soon.

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