RCA Switch Box

I recently had an issue with my media center; the 90s AIWA stereo I used only offered two RCA inputs and I needed four. Sure, it’s probably time to upgrade to something more recent with more inputs, but I couldn’t justify buying a whole new receiver when I’m about to move out anyway. Instead, I decided to build an RCA switch box.

The design of the switch box was simple enough. It consists of a three pole, four position rotary switch and 5 pairs of RCA jacks wired accordingly. The jacks and switch were ordered from DIGIKEY, while the enclosure and knob came from Radioshack. For wiring, I salvaged the inner wires of a broken MONOPRICE TRS audio cable. The color coding proved useful in discerning left from right channels.

RCA Switch Rear Open

RCA Switch Angle

RCA Switch Rear

What’s Awesome:

  • Four inputs for one
  • Complete control over quality
  • Looks awesome
  • No audible crosstalk

Second Thoughts:

  • Ground didn’t need to be switched. I could have used a two pole five or six position switch instead, giving me even more inputs.
  • The cables tip the box backward unless there is a weight on top of it.
  • Have to get up to switch sources
  • Much more expensive than cheapo made in China switches

Worth it?

  • Heck yes.


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